Help our youth beneficiaries from RoundBox run for a cause!

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SGD 1,950.00

raised by 12 people

Singapore Children's Society is a Charity Staff of the beneficiary.

About our youth running

Everyone runs for a reason, whether it is for fitness, to relief your stress or to challenge yourself.

Meet Naydhan and Asyraf, our youth beneficiaries from RoundBox @ Singapore Children’s Society who have dedicated their Monday afternoons to train hard so that they could run for a cause and help raise funds for our children in need at our 11 service centres.

As fitness enthusiasts, they have a common interest in running and they bonded through the weekly training sessions organised by RoundBox. The duo will be representing Singapore Children’s Society at the run organised by The Performance Series on 5 November. This is the first time they are joining an official run and they will continue to train for upcoming marathons to increase awareness, raise funds and help other beneficiaries at Singapore Children’s Society.

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You can help them run further and be their guiding light to change the lives of our children in need. Please donate generously and you can impact lives today.

Hear what Naydhan and Asyraf have to say below! 

1) Please introduce yourself.

Hi, I am Naydhan and I have been a member of RoundBox for five years. I love sports and I enjoy the weekly #FitnessThursdays sessions with the other youth at RoundBox.

Asyraf: Hi, I am Asyraf and I used to be in a cross country running club. I’m new to RoundBox as I’ve only been here for a year, but I’ve made new friends and I love running. It helps me to relax after helping my mum with household chores at home daily.

2) There are so many ways to fundraise for Singapore Children’s Society. Why did you choose to run for a cause?

RoundBox has helped me to discover my talents, develop life skills and provided me with a safe space to learn, exercise and make new friends. Asyraf and I have a common interest and we enjoy coming together to exercise weekly. It helps us to forget our worries and problems. We are just happy to be part of the family and if we could exercise while helping children and youth in need to improve their lives at the same time, it would be great. We wanted to give back to the society.

Running is about perseverance and determination. It pushes me to want to do better and break my record, that is why I was happy when the staff at RoundBox supported us right away when we suggested running to raise funds for other beneficiaries like us.

3) Could you tell us more about your trainings and what are some challenges that you have faced?

We train once a week every Monday at Toa Payoh Stadium for about three hours. The stadium is near where RoundBox is located and the staff would accompany us to take public transport to the venue. A few of them would even train together with us and they are also joining The Performance Series run with us this November.

Initially, I did not know how to pace myself so I had a hard time adjusting my breathing. When I got really tired, Naydhan and the staff would encourage me. We run alongside each other to complete the run together. We always remind ourselves that it’s not about winning; it’s about completing the race and of course, to help the children in need at Singapore Children’s Society.

4) What motivates you in life?

Naydhan: Being recognised for my leadership skills motivates me. This fundraising project was initiated by us and the staff have been really encouraging and supportive. They would even buy isotonic drinks for us after each practice to ensure that we are well taken care of. Being given opportunities to lead helps me to become more confident and it makes me want to do better.

Asyraf: Friends with good vibes motivates me to want to be like them and the people in RoundBox are like my second family who have helped me through my troubled times. They gave me the courage and confidence to pursue my interests. 

5) Do you have anything else to say to our donors?

There are many children and youth who need your help and that is why I run – for those in need and I want to improve the lives of people who deserve a happier childhood. Every child should be given an equal chance: a chance for education, a chance to pursue dreams, a chance to strive towards their ambitions and aspirations.

Asyraf: I want to see beneficiaries like me have a brighter future and I feel proud running for them. Please donate generously and help us to run further!

*All the proceeds will go to furthering Singapore Children’s Society's mission of bringing relief and happiness to children in need. For more information, visit